im paige im 15

everyone is gay
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theatre challenge | [3/10] shows → spring awakening
it’s the bitch of living and living in your head, it’s the bitch of living and sensing god is dead. it’s the bitch of living and trying to get ahead, it’s the bitch of living just getting out of bed.

  • Women's football: Player gets kneed in the face, no one gets carded, she gets up has a drink and keeps on playing.
  • Men's football: Player trips over his own shoelaces, cries, clutches his knee and demands a penalty.


on field day in second grade in our 50-yard-dash race i came in dead last but i got a ribbon anyway because even though i didn’t win i was the only one who actually stayed in their lane and its amazing how relevant that still is today


Best scene ever

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“Sometimes when people love each other very much they need time apart                           so when they come back together their love is even stronger.”

i just thought i was 14 im honna be 16 in 6 days


girl: he cheated on me

me: then break up with him

girl: but-

me: bye